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Monday, 18 May 2015

Seated Russian Twist Abs Workout

Seated Russian Twist Abs Workout

Seated Russian Twist Abs Workout For Getting Attractive Abs Easily & Quickly Without Medicine's Or going Gym.

Seated Russian Twist Abs Workout
As All Of You Know We iFitnessTrainer Team Always Work Hard to Find out Useful Workouts for you to get Better Results.

How to Do Seated Russian Twist.?

As you nay see in The Picture A Girl Doing Seated Russian Twist Abs Workout. For Better Results you may use some Weight Like Dumbbell or medicine Ball.

  • First of all sit on floor bending your knees in the position this Girl is Sitting.
  • Remember the Distance must be 1 ft Between your Butt & your feet.
  • in this Position you have to use That Light Weight & must be Complete 16 Reps or What ever you want.
Add This Abs Workout in your Daily Exercise Routine to get sexy Abs Quickly.

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